Webpage Generator

The Modtronix Webpage Generator For MPFS21 application is used to update the webpages on the SBC66EC and SBC66ECL boards via the network. It compiles all webpages into a single MPFS Image (*.img) file, and uploads them via HTTP to the target board.

This created MPFS Image file can also be uploaded to the target board via the web interface! This application is only required for creating the MPFS Image file. Once that is done, the generated *.img file will normally be uploaded via the web interface.

Additional information on upgrading webpages is available here.

Updating Webpages

The procedure for creating the MPFS Image (*.img) file and uploading it to the target board is:

  • Install and run the Webpage Generator App, see "Download" section below!
  • Select the Source Directory containing the web pages.
  • Click the "Generate and Upload" button to generate MPFS Image, and upload to target board.

The created MPFS Image file can also be used to update the webpages on the target board via the web interface. This is very handy for doing in field updates! Just send the single *.img file to the field technician, who can do the update via the web interface(or do it remotely). For details, click here.

Customization and Source Code

The Webpage Generator application is written in Java using Netbeans. All source code can be downloaded for free below, and modified if required. The free Netbeans IDEA required to compile the project can be downloaded from the Netbeans site.

Additional Information

For additional information and support, see our forum.

Download and Changelog

The Webpage Generator App can be obtained in 2 ways:

The changelog is available here.