Ultrasonic Module SR04+ Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor


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4 in stock

This is the SR04+ version of this module, with wide supply voltage from 3 to 5V. It is hardware and software compatible with the old version, and has the same dimensions. The minimum operating voltage of the address 3V allows it to be directly connected to a 3.3V powered MCU.

The HC-SR04+ is an ultrasonic distance measuring module, commonly used for object avoidance, navigation and altitude hold purposes.

Please note: The back of this module might look a bit different that the picture. But, the functionality and size will be identical.

Board connection mode:
VCC, trig (control end)
Echo (receiver end)
Out (empty pin, GND)
Note: The TRIP pin is connected to an internal 10k pull-up resistor. Use the IO port of the microcontroller to pull the TRIP pin low and then give a pulse signal of more than 10us.
The Out pin is a switch output pin when the module is used as a theft protection module. The distance measurement module does not use this pin!
Note: The module should be plugged in on the circuit board to be powered on to avoid high level of malfunction. If it is generated, re-power can be solved.


  • Detection angle is less than 15 degrees
  • Working temperature: -20~80 degrees Celsius
  • Detection distance: 5V 2cm~450cm; 3.3V 2cm~400cm
  • Wide Voltage Operation: 3V-5.5V

Package Includes

1 x Ultrasonic Module SR04+

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