Wire Stripper 20-30 AWG Solid (22-32 AWG Stranded) - Stedi MSP-20


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This quality Stedi brand wire stripper and cutter works with six standard wire sizes from 20 to 30 AWG solid (22 to 32 AWG stranded). It has a serrated nose that can be used to bend and shape wires.

This tool is ideally suited for the maker that needs to cut and strip wires from 20 to 30 AWG, without nicking or damaging the copper underneath.


  • The right tool for the job - Always strip your wire with the right sized hole as this tool has both mm and AWG labels on each of the 6 incremental holes.
  • Cut and Trim - You won't be reaching for your side-cutters to trim your wires down with this tool, it's got a sharp cutting tool at the base of the stripping holes.
  • Works with all wire types - You'll be able to strip both solid and stranded wires, so long as they're the right gauge for the tool. We recommend using one hole size up for stranded wires to avoid nicking any of the wire.
  • Spring loaded design - The spring helps to reset the tool for your next strip/cut, as well as giving you tactile feedback throughout the job.
  • Locking Latch - When it's not in use, protect the cutting edges from damage by locking it shut with the metal latch.


  • Tool length - 16.5cm
  • Wire Sizes - 20-30AWG
  • Cutting tool
  • Serrated nose for bending and shaping wires
  • Weight - 110g

Package Includes

1 x Stedi Wire Strippers

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Weight110 g
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