Molex 2.0mm 51005 Connector Info

The Molex 51005 and 51006 connectors are very popular for high power(high discharge current) LiPo batteries.

This connector is widely used for single cell lithium-polymer ion(LiPo) batteries for RC devices, like RC planes, drones, helicopters, cars and similar. It is a polarized connector, meaning it can not be plugged in the wrong way. 

The Molex 2.0mm 2P Connector has become a popular battery connector for many RC toy manufacturers because of its easy operation (plug and unplug) and plainly visible connection orientation. It’s technical specification is “Molex 51005/6-0200”, Please be aware that different manufacturers may wire this connector in opposite ways, so be sure to check the actual polarity your system requires instead of just trusting the wire colour. This connector is commonly used by manufacturers and products such as Losi, Skytec, Walkera (Ladybird), Hubsan , Mini CP and Genius CP. It’s a slightly larger battery connector than other micro RC connectors and its leads are commonly thicker as well. This connector is easily distinguishable by its spade type connector pins.

- 2A per contact
- Pitch = 2.0mm

Part Numbers:

  • Molex 51005 (51005-0200) = Female Housing, 2.00mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Plug Housing, 2 Circuits
  • Molex 51006 (51006-0200) = Male Housing, 2.00mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Plug Housing, 2 Circuits
  • Molex 50012 (500128000, 50012-8000) = 2.00mm Pitch Crimp Terminal, for 51006 Housing


Below are some pictures showing these connectors and their dimensions.