LED Strip, RGBCW SK6812, 60 LEDs/m, 5V, IP30 Bare PCB, Black PCB, 5m

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This is a high quality "BTF Lighting" brand LED Strip, featuring 4 in 1 LEDs with integrated SK6812 chips. To see online reviews(Google result) for "BTF Lighting" SK6812 products  click here.see this page:

It features individually addressable LEDs, meaning each LED can have a difference colour, and has a built in SK6812 chip. Each LED has a Red, Green, Blue and Natural White LED = 4 in 1 LED chip. Each LED is individually addressable, with 8 bits per LED giving 32 bit colour. An unlimited number of light effects are possible by lighting controllers, like colourful curtain/flow water/raindrop/jump flash.....

Each "4 in 1" LED has a dedicated "cool white" LED in addition to the red, green and blue LEDs. This enables it to produce high quality white light. This is not possible with standard RGB(3 in 1) LED light strips. In addition only a single LED is required to produce white light, in stead of the RGB solution requiring 3 LEDs, resulting in a much lower power consumption. This type of LED configuration is referred to as "RGB+Cool White", or RGBCW, or just RGBW(can be warm, cool or natural white).

It is 5m long, and has 300 LEDs(60 per meter). It is rated at IP30. It has a bare PCB, with no water protection, and is only for indoor use. The back has an adhesive strip.

The strip can be cut at every LED to create the desired length.

SK6812 RGBW LED strips are an upgraded version of WS2812B LED strips, featuring R/G/B/W 4 colours in 1 LED.  It has richer colours, and more possible combinations. With all the features of WS2812B LED Strips. WS2812B strips only have red, green and blue(3 in 1) LEDs.

Some of the controllers this LED strips works with are: SP110E SP105E SP108E SP107E SP110E K-1000C

Each LED strip has a 3-pin JST-SM connector on both ends, enabling multiple strips to be chained together.

LED Strip Basics
LED strips are available in two main types. With individually addressable LEDs(can have it's own colour), or where all LEDs will always be the same colour.

The WS2812B and SK6812 types are the two most popular individually addressable LED strips, both 5V. The main difference is that each LED for WS2812B only has a Red, Green and Blue(RGB = 3 in 1) LED, where the SK6812 has and additional white LED(RGB+White = 4 in 1). This makes a huge difference for producing pure white light.

The SK6812 also has a much lower power consumption when producing white light, seeing that it only needs to turn on 1 LED(about 0.1W per LED), where the WS2812B needs to turn on the Red, Green and Blue LEDs(about 0.3W per LED) to produce white light.


  • ONLY power with 5V DC. A higher voltage will DESTROY the LEDs!
  • The LED strip comes without a power supply and controller
  • Ensure the power supply can provide sufficient power(Amp). Else the voltage will drop below 5V, and it will not work.


  • LED Type: RGBCW LED (RGB + Cool White)
  • LED Colours: 4 in 1 LED - Red, Green, Blue, Cool White
  • Colour: RGBCW=RGB+Cool white(6000-6500K)
  • PCB Colour: Black
  • Wave length(NM): Red=650nm Green=520nm Blue=460nm
  • IP Rating: IP30
  • Length: 5m
  • Control Chip: SK6812
  • Power per LED: 0.1W~0.3W
  • Power per meter: 6W~18W
  • Total power for 5m strip: 30W~90W
  • Storage Temperature: -40-+50 °C
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +50°C
  • Recommend power supply: DC5V 20A (100W)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SK68125M60RGBCWB30
  • Manufacturer SKU: 100241
  • Connector Type: 3 Pin Male and Female JST 2.54mm header

Package Includes

1 x LED Strip
1 x Cable

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