LED Strip, RGBCW 4-in-1 5050, 60 LEDs/m, 12V, IP30 Bare PCB, White PCB, 5m

BTF Lighting

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This is a high quality "BTF Lighting" brand LED Strip, featuring 4 in 1 LEDs. To see online reviews(Google result) for "BTF Lighting" LED Strips  click here.see this page:

Each LED has a dedicated "cool white" LED in addition to the red, green and blue LEDs. This enables it to produce high quality white light. This is not possible with standard RGB(3 in 1) LED light strips. In addition only a single LED is required to produce white light, in stead of the RGB solution requiring 3 LEDs, resulting in a much lower power consumption. This type of LED configuration is referred to as "RGB+Cool White", or RGBCW, or just RGBW(can be warm white or cool white).

It is 5m long, and has 300 LEDs(60 per meter). It is rated at IP30, and is for indoor use only. The back has an adhesive strip.

The LEDs are not individually addressable. All LEDs will have the same colour.

Pure white instead of mixed white light (red + blue + green) is more energy efficient, consumes less power, and generates less heat.

The strip can be cut every 3 LEDs, to get the right length. It has a 5 pin connectors on two ends, one male and one female. This enables LED strips to be connected in series. If using in series, ensure the power supply can supply enough power.

The LED strip is made using 50cm lengths of FPCB, so there is a solder point each 50cm on strip. In fact, nearly all the LED strips on the market are manufactured this way, in half-meter lengths.

This LED strip has to be used with a 12V LED Strip controller with 4 output channels(red, green, blue, white). This is sometimes called RGBW or RGBW. Some 5 channel controllers(for RBCCCT led strips) can also be configured for 4 channel LED strips. When using with a smart controller, you can voice control the lights using Amazon Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT. NOTE a controller is NOT INCLUDED.


DC12V+ ---------------- Black wire
Green light -------------- Green wire
Red light ---------------- Red wire
Blue light --------------- Blue wire
White light ------------- White wire


  • ONLY power with 12V DC. A higher voltage will DESTROY the LEDs!
  • The LED strip comes without a power supply and controller
  • Ensure the power supply can provide sufficient power(Amp). Else the voltage will drop below 12V, and the LED strip will not work correctly.


  • LED Type: 5050 RGBCW  LED (RGB+Cool White)
  • LED Colours: 4 in 1 LED - Red, Green, Blue, Cool White
  • Cool White Colour: 6000K - 7000K
  • Wave length(nm): Red=620-625nm  Green=520-525nm Blue=465-470nm
  • Luminous flux: Red 1.0-2.0 lumens Green: 3.0-4.0 lumens Blue: 1.0-2.0 lumens White: 5.0-6.0 lumens
  • IP Rating: IP30 - Non Waterproof, only use indoor
  • Control Chip: No Chip
  • PCB Colour: White
  • PCB Width: 12mm
  • Recommend power supply: DC12V10A 120W
  • Power per LED: 0.1W~0.4W
  • Power per meter: 6W~24W
  • Total power for 5m strip: 30W~120W
  • Storage Temperature: -40-+50 °C
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +50°C
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ‎RGBCW45M505060LW30  (RGBCWW45M505060LW30)
  • Manufacturer SKU: 101339
  • Manufacturer Model: BTF-12V-060L-W
  • Connector Type: 5 Pin Male and Female 2.54mm header

Package Includes

1 x LED Matrix
1 x Cable

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