LTC3780 Auto Step Up/Down DC-DC Power Module, 80W, 10A


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This is a high-efficiency, regulated power supply module, with automatic Step Up/Step Down functionality. It has 3 potentiometers for adjusting constant voltage, output current, and under-voltage protection. The automatic Step Up/Step Down functionality means the set output voltage will remain stable when the input voltage is lower, higher, or equal to the set output voltage. For example, if the output is set to 12V, when the input voltage changes between 5-32V, the output voltage will remain unchanged at 12V(recommended minimum input voltage is 10V). 

This module has advanced protection circuitry, making it specially suitable for solar and battery charging applications. Is is capable of driving an 80Watt, 10A load with excellent line and load regulation. The module provides under-voltage protection, thermal protection, short-circuit, or overcurrent protection.

OK/Ready blue LED: This LED will light up if the module is powered, and there is no fault condition.

Fault red LED: This LED will light up under faulty conditions. For example, for under-voltage, output over-current, or output short-circuit conditions.

Input Fuse: A replaceable input fuse protects the circuitry from permanent damage. Note that under extreme conditions, the input fuse will not protect the module from damage.

Under Voltage adjustment:
The Under Voltage adjustment potentiometer is marked "UV-Set" on the bottom of the board. It is used to disable the power supply(disconnect it from the input) when the input voltage drops below a set value. The "Fault" LED will turn on when this happens.
For example, if this module is connected to a 12V lead acid battery, it will be desirable to disable it once the battery voltage drops below 10V. To protect the battery from over discharging. To achieve this, connect the input to a regulated power supply and adjust it to 10V. Now adjust the Under Voltage potentiometer (clockwise increase, counter clockwise decrease) until the fault LED just lights up. It is now configured for 10V Under Voltage protection. Meaning when the battery is discharged to 10V, the power supply will be automatically cut off to protect the battery from damage. Note: If it is not battery powered, UV protection is generally not required.

Output Voltage adjustment:
The Output Voltage adjustment potentiometer is marked "Vout-Set" on the bottom of the board. When a voltage is applied to the input that is higher than the configured "Under Voltage" setting(see UV adjustment above for details), the "Fault" LED is off, and the blue "OK" LED is on. The output voltage can be adjusted with the "Output Voltage" potentiometer. Turning it clockwise will increase, and counter clockwise decrease the output voltage. Note: If the red "Fault" LED is on, it indicates an under-voltage, output over-current or an output short-circuit condition. Please troubleshoot to resolve the fault.

Output Current adjustment:
The Output Current adjustment potentiometer is marked "CC-Set" on the bottom of the board. It is used to configure the maximum output current the module will supply. For example, if the module is used to charge a 12V battery with a maximum charge current of 5A.  Turning it clockwise will increase, and counter clockwise decrease the maximum current. To configure it, it is recommended to first configure the module for minimum output current, by turning the potentiometer all the way counter clockwise. Then use a multi meter in "current" mode to adjust the output current(short circuit the output via the multi meter). Take care not to exceed the power and current capabilities of the module, multi meter or input power source!


  • Controller: LTC3780
  • Output ripple: 50mV (12V to 12V, measured at 5A)
  • Input reverse connection protection: None, if necessary, please connect a Schottky diode in series with the input terminal
  • Output backflow prevention: None, if it is used for battery charging or the load is an inductive load with its own, please connect a Schottky diode in series with the output
  • Short circuit protection: Yes
  • Input voltage: DC 5V-32V, the recommended voltage is above 10V
  • Output voltage: DC1V-30V continuously adjustable
  • Output current: 10A (MAX) within 7A for a long time
  • Output power: long-term 80W, peak 130W, please strengthen heat dissipation if it exceeds 80W
  • Size: 77.6 x 46.5 x 15mm

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