Lithium Battery 1A Charger Module with TP4056 and USB Type-C


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This is a single-cell lithium based battery charger & protection module that comes with a USB-C connector. It has a USB-C type connector for charging. It supports charging of Lithium based batteries like LiPo and Li-ion batteries, as their charging and discharging characteristic are similar.

The battery is connected to the terminals marked "B+" and "B-". The battery output is available via the "OUT+" and "OUT-" terminals. The input charging voltage can be supplied via the USB C connector, or the two terminals located next to it.

IMPORTANT - This module has a charge current of 1A. DO NOT use to charge a battery with a "Maximum Charge Current" of less than 1A. Most LiPo batteries can be charged to a maximum of 1C. Meaning this charger can not be used with batteries with a capacity of less than 1000mAh.


  • Single Cell Lithium-based battery charger
  • USB-C connector for power input
  • PCB Terminals for 5V input if USB not used
  • Based on TP4056 Charging IC
  • Red LED to indicate battery is charging
  • Green LED to indicate battery is fully charged
  • Charging voltage limit: 4.2VDC
  • Minimum discharge voltage: 2.5VDC
  • Maximum discharge current: 3A
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.65cm

Package Includes

1 x Power Module

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