ESP8266 Module with WiFi and UFL/IPX Antenna Connector, ESP-07S


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ESP-07S WiFi Module with ESP8266 and UFL/IPX Antenna Connector


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189 in stock

This module is a compact version of the ESP-12F and ESP-12E WiFi modules, without an onboard antenna! Compared to the ESP-12 modules, it is more compact(bottom row of pads have been removed) and has a U.FL antenna connector.

The removed pads(bottom row of ESP-12) contained mainly IO pins that could not be used by the user anyway, so it does not affect the usability of the board. The remaining pins are 100% pin compatible with the ESP-12F and ESP-12E modules. You can solder this module onto a board designed for the ESP-12E or ESP-12F board.

Please NOTE: The supplied module might have different text(than shown in pictures) printed on the metal shield. The size and footprint will be identical, but different batches might look slightly different.

The U.FL connector enables this module to be used with a U.FL antenna, or an U.FL to SMA antenna extension cable. We sell both these items in our online shop. Just search for UFL.

The ESP-07S uses the very popular ESP8266 chip. Software can be developed using many different platforms, like Arduino for example. The pads on this module have an easy to hand solder 2.0mm pitch.

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  • Modified and compact version of the popular ESP-12E, without bottom row of pads and onboard antenna
  • Has a U.FL/IPX antenna connector
  • 4M bytes SPI Flash for programming

Package Includes

1 x Module with ESP8266 Chip and U.FL Connector.

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